If you attended New York Comic Con this year, you already know how crazy packed it was. If you visited my table in artist alley this year, you know how happy and BUSY I was. NYCC was my most successful show of the year. A major role in that was the order of art cards! Now I hate to turn anyone's request for art down, so I started taking addresses to mail them out. I ended up with over 90 art card commissions, so yes, I am now knee deep in art cards as the blog post title says. From Breaking Bad to Adventure Time to Regular Show to a bunch of wrestlers, I have a ton to draw. I love doing these cards, as each one is a great artistic challenge and makes me a better artist. I am currently also working on a MAJOR project that doesn't allow me to solely focus on these cards, but once that deadline is met, it's nothing but art card creation! Some have already been mailed out and a few are being mailed each day. Please be patient if you ordered an art card, you'll get it soon and thanks for making this the best convention EVER!